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The number of new cases reported today marks a new record daily increase of cases for the seventh time this month, according to results from a Reuters tally. US deaths have also been increasing with numbers reaching the highest levels since the beginning of June.

The new record of around 75,000 new cases surpasses the previous record set on Friday.

Friday’s figures saw cases rise by 69,070.

In June cases rose by an average of 28,000 a day, and in July they have risen by an average of 57,625 a day.

The worrying new figures come after more than half of all states reported record one-day increases in coronavirus cases this month.

A huge 30 out of 50 states set a new record for the highest amount of cases reported in 24 hours.

Leading the grim tally is Arizona followed by California, Florida and Texas.

Infections are rising in almost every US state according to figures obtained by Reuters.

The analysis states that if the state of Florida were a country, it would rank fourth in the world for the most new cases in a day.

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“There is an understandable situation where a young person could say, ‘you know, statistically the chances of my getting into trouble by getting infected are much smaller than an elderly person.’

“I say that with some trepidation, because I’m not blaming anyone, and I think people do this innocently.

“They don’t mean to be part of the problem, but inadvertently they are part of the problem.”

He said he understood the temptation to want to go out, but warned this must not happen.

Dr Fauci added: “To get it under control means you don’t let yourself get infected, and you don’t spread to anybody else.

“We haven’t even begun to see the end of it yet.”

He then suggested it could grow as bad as what he called the “mother of all pandemics.”

The warning comes amid mounting evidence that Dr Fauci’s relationship with the White House is deteriorating.

The White House’s criticism of the disease expert had initially come in a leaked government memo, but officials have since confirmed the details to NBC News.

The White House official said: “Several White House officials are concerned about the number of times Dr Fauci has been wrong on things”.

The White House also pointed to a comment made by Dr Fauci in March when he noted “people should not be walking around with masks”.

However, the Association of American Medical Colleges has blasted the White House’s criticism of Dr Fauci, claiming his quotes had been taken out of context in order to discredit him.

“The AAMC is extremely concerned and alarmed by efforts to discredit Anthony Fauci, MD, our nation’s top infectious disease expert. Dr Fauci has been an independent and outspoken voice for truth as the nation has struggled to fight the coronavirus pandemic.”

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