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The US Capitol is officially in lockdown, over an external security threat, police have warned. Someone drove a car into barricades outside the Capitol Building, before leaving the vehicle with a knife in their hand. The suspect was immediately shot and killed by police.

The police were forced to open fire at the north barricade of the Capitol complex, according to ABC News.

The suspect was taken into custody and subsequently died, while both officers were taken to hospital.

One of the police officers died of his injuries, it was later confirmed.

US Capitol Police (USPC) blocked off several parts of the area, including two road closures in Capitol Hill.

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The vehicle rammed the northern barrier at the Capitol, and only one person was in the car.

The driver immediately exited the car with a weapon, before being shot by Capitol Police, it’s believed.

Staffers at the Capitol were sent a text message from police, warning of the security threat.

The message urged people to stay away from exterior windows and doors.

“If you are outside, seek cover,” it said.

The investigation remains in its early stages, but it didn’t seem like the incident was terror-related, police revealed.

There also didn’t appear to be any ongoing threat, according to acting chief of the US Capitol Police, Yogananda Pittman.

She asked everyone to “keep US Capitol police and their families in your prayers”.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has ordered flags at the Capitol to fly at half mast.

Footage from the scene showed a helicopter flying overhead, while two people were being moved into ambulances on stretchers.

The incident comes almost three months after the deadly January 6 riots in the Capitol building.

At the time, Donald Trump’s far-right supporters stormed the building, after the former president continued his accusations of voter fraud in the US election, despite having no evidence.

Five people died during the insurrection. One of them was a Capitol Police offer, Brian Sicknick, while the other four were rioters.

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