Trump’s impeachment legal defense will wrap up its case Friday

While the president’s acquittal is likely, Trump’s attorneys, Bruce Castor and Schoen, have faced criticism, including from the former president himself, for a meandering performance on Tuesday.

One of the Republican senators who voted that the trial was constitutional, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, said that Trump’s defense did a “terrible job,” arguing that they “didn’t talk about the issue at hand” and “had nothing,” Cassidy said. The Louisiana Republican had previously voted that the trial was unconstitutional.

“If anyone disagrees with my vote and would like an explanation, I ask them to listen to the arguments presented by the House Managers and former President Trump’s lawyers,” Cassidy wrote in a statement. “The House managers had much stronger constitutional arguments. The president’s team did not.”

Schoen defended the team’s performance speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday, saying the team “will be very well prepared in the future.”

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