They’re coming in hot: The best quotes from our interviews with Congress’ most diverse freshman class

“I had prepared remarks and I was ready my first time on the floor. And I was going to be talking about defending Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes,” said first-term congresswoman Rep. Nikema Williams (D-Ga.). But that opportunity didn’t come.”

The day of January 6 left a pall over the country and visual reminders around the Capitol in the form of the fenced off complex and increased military and police presence. It also left a mark on this new class of lawmakers.

RED, FRESH & BLUE is POLITICO’s video interview series that introduces first-term lawmakers from both sides of the aisle and looks at what makes them tick. This season POLITICO Playbook co-author EUGENE DANIELS sat down with five freshman members for a free-wheeling conversation on everything from the insurrection to voting rights to Bitcoin.

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