The 14 Best Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry Brands to Shop

I have been obsessed with jewelry for as long as I can remember. Layering every necklace and bracelet I could get from my grandmother’s jewelry box on my tiny four-year-old wrist was one of my favorite pastimes. To me, jewelry is meant to be worn, enjoyed, and kept for years to come. The pieces I treasure most remind me of a trip, a milestone, a loved one, or an experience. I limit my purchases to a select few that I know I will be able to save for my daughter one day.

Recently, I have started to examine the ethical and sustainability practices of jewelry brands. I want to know that anything I buy is thoughtfully produced and sourced and supporting fair wages. This enriches the story of the piece. You aren’t just wearing something because it’s beautiful, but because it carries meaning and is protecting the welfare of others and the planet. Some brands work with vintage items, recycled materials, or focus on a responsibly sourced supply chain. Here are some standout brands, for all different price points, that are getting it right.

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