State pension: Canada and Australia condemn the UK’s failure to protect overseas payments | Personal Finance | Finance


On the topic, the Canadian government had the following comments: “Over the years, the government of Canada has raised, and has sought to address, this issue with

the UK, including by proposing the two countries negotiate a comprehensive social security

agreement that would provide for the indexation of UK pensions.

“To date, UK officials have not engaged on this issue. As it has done in the past, the government of Canada will continue to raise this issue with the UK through various channels, where appropriate.”

Similar comments were shared by the Australian government: “The Australian government has been working to resolve this issue for some time, given the policy affects many expatriate pensioners living in Australia.

“The government has made a series of representations to the UK Government in recent years, including at Ministerial level. We will continue to advocate our position to the UK government.”

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