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PIP payments can provide eligible claimants with between £23.60 and £151.40 per week, so long as they’re aged between 16 and state pension age. The amounts awarded will be dependent on how claimants are affected by their conditions and not the condition itself.

PIP is usually paid every four weeks and should the payment date fall on a bank holiday, claimants will usually be paid before this.

Across all of the UK, the next bank holiday is on April 2, Good Friday.

This means that for PIP claimants that are expecting to have their money arrive on this date, it is more likely to come through on Thursday April 1.

Claimants who are expected to get paid on April 5 are also set to be affected, as this is the Easter Monday bank holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It is also possible to claim PIP by post but this can delay the eventual decision.

Once an application is put through, claimants will usually go through an assessment process in which an independent health professional will assess their condition.

This assessment will determine how much a person should receive from PIP.

Should a claimant disagree with a decision made on this, they can challenge it through mandatory reconsideration rules.

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