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PIP can help those who need extra support with long term ill-health, with between £23.60 and £151.40 per week being awarded to eligible claimants. The actual amount received will be dependent on how the condition affects the claimant, not the condition itself.

PIP is usually paid every four weeks and the payments will be split into two parts.

The daily living part of PIP will pay either £59.70 or £89.15 per week.

The mobility part will pay either £23.60 or £62.25.

It is possible to receive payments from both elements or just a single one.

When an initial claim is processed, claimants may be assessed by an independent health professional.

This professional will assess how much support the claimant should get and regular assessments may follow this.

Should a claimant be unhappy with a decision made on their claim, they will be able to challenge it under mandatory reconsideration rules.

Should a claimant still be unhappy with a decision beyond this, they may be able to appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal.

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