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PIP or Personal Independence Payments, provide Britons with financial support if they have a health condition or disability. The payment is slowly replacing Disability Living Allowance, which some people may be more familiar with. As PIP can help financially, many Britons claiming the sum will budget their day-to-day lives around the payments they receive each month.

Understanding when a person is going to be paid their PIP entitlement will therefore be important.

With a new month starting in less than two weeks, there will be major changes – a new tax year being one of them.

However, this year the start of April also signifies Easter, which brings two bank holidays along with it.

The first falls on Good Friday, which this year is on Friday, April 2, and the second is Easter Monday, on Monday, April 5.

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However, it is important Britons aren’t left out of pocket or with too much disruption to their finances.

As a result, the Government has confirmed individuals should get their payments at least a day earlier if impacted by a bank holiday.

If a person was due to receive a payment of PIP on Friday, April 2, they will instead get their money on Thursday, April 1.

This will also be the case for individuals expecting a payment on Monday, April 5. 

Britons who are impacted by the bank holiday changes, however, will not be required to take any action.

This is because the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will automatically pay people who are impacted earlier.

PIP claimants should expect to receive their entitlement paid directly into their bank,  building society or credit union account. 

PIP provides claimants with between £23.60 and £151.40 per week if they are aged 16 or over and have not reached state pension age.

Ultimately, the amount someone receives is dependent on how their condition affects them, rather than the condition itself.

PIP is split into two major elements, both offering a different sum of money to claimants.

The daily living component is worth either £59.70 or £89.15, while the weekly rate for mobility is either £23.60 or £62.25.

Once again, it is the severity of a person’s condition which will impact how much they will receive and whether they are entitled to one payment or both. 

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