Phoebe Dynevor’s Personal Style Isn’t as Modest as Daphne’s

Phoebe Dynevor has burst onto the scene as Daphne in Netflix’s Bridgerton, but you might also have seen the 25-year-old British actress in either of her previous TV series, Younger or Snatch. Fashion brands are already vying to partner with her — she stars in Self-Portrait’s fall 2021 campaign and wore a glamorous-as-ever one-shoulder Louis Vuitton gown to the 2021 BAFTAs. Even though she previously worked with stylist Mercedes Natalia, Dynevor and Nicky Yates have since joined forces for red carpet events. We expect there will be several expertly crafted looks for us to gawk at in the near future.

Even though many of us will associate Phoebe with Daphne Bridgerton, her personal style is a far cry from her Shonda Rhimes-created TV character’s. Judging from her Instagram, Phoebe seems to keep denim jumpsuits (and nondenim jumpsuits), her white Birkenstocks (usually paired with socks), and romantic silk dresses in heavy rotation, altogether making for a laid-back, slightly sexy look and demeanor that is totally casual. While we’ve seen her in pouf sleeves, white gloves, and crowns, those accoutrements are better left on set as we explore what she’s really into — and continues to pull off with an undeniable air of confidence.

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