Paul Heyman sings the praises of Brock Lesnar clone Parker Boudreaux as WWE and AEW circle 22 year old beast


You could be forgiven for suggesting that someone like Brock Lesnar is a once in a lifetime athlete.

However, a young American Football prospect named Parker Boudreaux is already turning heads in the wrestling world and he bears a striking physical resemblance to the Beast Incarnate.

Parker Bourdreaux is a beast!

Parker Bourdreaux is a beast!

Boudreaux is an offensive linesmen for the UFC Knights, the football team for the University of Central Florida. While he won’t have been on too many radars prior to this week, Paul Heyman’s ringing endorsement has done wonders.

“His tweet is not a prediction. It’s a spoiler. Save this #HustleTweet for future historical reference,” Heyman tweeted in response to Boudreaux telling his followers 2021 is going ‘to be something special’.

Bordeaux is nicknamed ‘the next big thing’ which is of course what Lesnar went by when he exploded onto the scene in WWE with Heyman by his side.


Huge football fan and legendary WWE and now AEW commentator Jim Ross is also high on the youngster and tweeted his hope that Boudreaux will join them in AEW one day.

The American stands at 6-foot-4-inches, which is actually a shade taller than Lesnar, and is already and intimidating 270lbs, which, again, is just a tad more than Lesnar.

He has all the athletic ability to be somebody in a wrestling ring and certainly has the presence, so is he looking at making the switch?

Boudreaux is at the very least aware of the comparison, saying in an interview two years ago: “Brock Lesnar [everyone says I look like]. I probably get that one every day,” Boudreaux said. “I’ll get [Ivan] Drago from Rocky. I’ll get [Brian] Bosworth. Everybody has something. It’s pretty funny.”


It’s interesting that he is in the Florida area and close to Orlando where WWE’s Performance Center is. AEW are also generally based out of Jacksonville, Florida and that is not too far away either.

With all the attention Heyman and JR have given Boudreaux – Ross even saying the young man has been on his radar for ‘two or three years’ now – fans are beginning to think there is more to this than a look-alike.

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