MVP ‘absolutely’ wants to create new stable in WWE and opens up on ‘phenomenal talents’ he’s met since returning


MVP made a grand return to WWE this year, but it was meant to be for one night only.

Fast forward six months and now he’s competing against Apollo Crews at Extreme Rules this Sunday for the United States title.

MVP during his prime in WWE

MVP during his prime in WWE

MVP is one of the more memorable United States champions of the past couple of decades – certainly in the WWE era – and now the 46 year old is able to work with younger talent and help them make the same name he did.

That starts with Crews, a man he has tried to recruit to join himself and Bobby Lashley but thus far, unsuccessfully.

talkSPORT caught up with Mr. 305 and we asked him about the talent in WWE and his hopes to create a stable.

On if he would like to create a stable in WWE

Absolutely. It’s something I’ve been discussing and let’s see how things go… let’s just say there’s method to my madness! I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised if I can take this… just watch me work! I’ll leave it at that – watch me work.

MVP has worked tremendously well with Bobby Lashley since his return

MVP has worked tremendously well with Bobby Lashley since his return

On the new talent he has met since returning to WWE

I’m so pleased with the locker room. I’ve had a chance to see the SmackDown locker room and, of course, my locker room on RAW. Everybody has been tremendously cool. I’m blown away by the Street Profits. Those guys are just phenomenal talents.

The Viking Raiders, I finally got a chance to work with them a little while back in a tag match and before I got a chance to work with them, I was just impressed by their work. Phenomenal.

Aleister Black is another guy that has impressed me a great deal in the ring and out of the ring and behind the scenes.

There is no shortage of amazing talent on both the SmackDown and RAW rosters and you’ve got a Performance Center full of hungry people that want an opportunity to step up to the next level. So there’s no shortage of people for me to work with.

On working with Apollo Crews and trying to help him

Apollo Crews has a huge upside and I think one of his biggest attributes is he is coachable. He’s hungry, he wants to be a player and hasn’t come so big for his britches, as the saying goes, that he can’t take direction.

You can see the growth and working with me, I told him a long time ago I have a huge personality and if you’re standing in the ring with me and your personality doesn’t shine, you will get completely bladded out by mine.

MVP challenges Apollo Crews for his United States title on Sunday

MVP challenges Apollo Crews for his United States title on Sunday

Usually when I walk into a room there’s a wagon behind me to carry my ego [laughs]. So I told Apollo, he’s going to have to reach inside and match that and I think so far, he has done a good job and I wanna see where he can go.

However, we have an issue because as much as I want to see him be successful, I’m a two-time United States champion and I will be a three-time United States champion and Apollo Crews will have to learn that lesson the hard way.

I tried to mentor him, I wanted him to learn! So he could have a legendary United States Championship run but he didn’t want to listen, so sometimes life lessons are hard. If you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough.

On the similarities and differences between Bobby Lashley and Apollo Crews

Lashley has the killer instinct, though. And a viciousness that Apollo hasn’t tapped into yet. Apollo is an amazing competitor and his athleticism is phenomenal, second to none. But, that killer instinct is missing.

MVP has a lot of experience and knowledge to pass to younger talent

MVP has a lot of experience and knowledge to pass to younger talent

Yes, both are really nice guys [outside of the ring], but you’ve seen Lashley when he’s upset and we haven’t seen that from Apollo yet and that’s good for me!

If I can get Apollo to come around and see things from my perspective then I can tap into that and it won’t be good for everyone else.

Check out MVP in action for the United States title this Sunday at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules on the WWE Network and BT Sport

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