More than 150 Shark Sightings Recorded Off Coast of Massachusetts | National News


More than 150 great white shark sightings have been recorded off the coast of Massachusetts this summer, the majority of them in the waters near Cape Cod.

The frequent shark sightings – which may include multiple sightings of the same sharks – have led to the closure of several beaches on the Cape.

The Shartivity app sightings are reported by researchers and safety officials as well as users who upload photos for confirmation.

Scientists speculate that high water temperatures near Cape Cod and a high population of seals – the great white shark’s snack of choice – are prompting the elevated number of shark sightings.

Data from Ocearch, a research organization that geographically tracks several species of marine animals tagged by researchers, shows that two tagged great white sharks have “pinged” off the Massachusetts coast this summer. One of the sharks – named Miss May by scientists – pinged off the coast of Cape Cod several times last month, the last of which was recorded Wednesday in proximity to the shore.

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