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The US election is just under three weeks away with the incumbent President Donald Trump hoping to secure a second term. His main opponent, the Democrat’s Joe Biden, has consistently surged ahead in the polls. He currently has as much as a 17-point lead on Mr Trump.

The pair last night appeared on meet-the-voter TV events, both deflecting key questions.

While Mr Biden refused to divulge his plans on the Supreme Court and became defensive over his record on race, Mr Trump spent a chunk of his air time arguing with the moderator and refused to acknowledge his support from QAnon – the group labelled as a potential terrorist threat by the FBI.

QAnon surfaced on social media and chat forums and soon snowballed into one of the biggest conspiracy theory groups in recent history.

Social media platforms have recently cracked down on conspiracy groups linked with harmful content, despite this, First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Melania Trump, admitted during archived footage that she found platforms extremely “damaging”.

“I post some of the stuff but I’m not posting all the time – I’m not an attention seeker, my life is not a photo app.

“I decided not to be on social media anymore because I see the negativity and really, it’s not healthy.”

Social media has been one of the biggest issues in the run up to the November ballot.

Advertising on platforms has been a political no-brainer for Mr Trump, his team reportedly spending around $1million (£776,000) a week on multiple platforms.

The President has also challenged foreign social media.

In August, after months of controversy, Mr Trump signed orders to ban the China-based TikTok and WeChat in the US.

TikTok managed to avoid a total ban in September after companies Oracle and Walmart reached agreements to buy chunks of the platform.

However, China-based owner Bytedance said it would retain an 80 percent stake in the new company, TikTok Global, leading Mr Trump to demand that ByteDance have “nothing to do with it”.

Meanwhile, the two separate TV appearances from Mr Trump and Mr Biden came on what was meant to be the second televised debate.

It was cancelled after Mr Trump tested positive for coronavirus three weeks ago.

Many polls are still very close in key states which could go on to decide the election.

More than 18 million people have already voted in person or by post for the November 3 ballot.

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