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Nick Alexander,  who has dual British-South African citizenship, was rescued yesterday after crawling through the fish for two nights. The convoy in which he had been travelling had been ambushed after fleeing a hotel in Palma.


Mr Alexander had been one of hundreds of expats working as a contractor on a natural gas site six miles from Palma, where he had been building camps for staff.

His daughter told The Times: “He saw the commotion with the ambush ahead and got out.

“There was a government vehicle with an AK47 in it, so he broke in, got it and shot dead two al-Shabaabs militants. 

“He and two others from the car then ran to hide into the bushes with the gun.

“They were literally crawling through the bush until they were rescued.”

At least one person was killed and a number injured were killed as they fled the Amarula Lodge after two days of gunfire close to the site of the £14billion major gas project, according to the three sources and three organisations with employees inside the hotel.

Officials at Mozambique’s foreign ministry, defence ministry and provincial government did not immediately respond to calls or had their phones switched off on Saturday. The national police said they were evaluating the situation without providing further details.

Mozambique’s government had said that security forces were working to restore order in Palma, which is adjacent to gas projects worth $60 billion led by oil majors including Total, after it came under a three-pronged attack on Wednesday.

Nearly 200 people had been sheltering in the Amarula.

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