India crisis: Residents beg for supplies amid second coronavirus wave | World | News

People across India have taken to their social media channels to ask other citizens for urgent help as hospital supplies run short. On Tuesday, Delhi’s chief minister raised alarm over the low numbers of oxygen supplies across the city’s hospitals warning they could run out within hours.

He wrote in a tweet: “Serious oxygen crisis persists in Delhi.

“I again urge centre to urgently provide oxygen to Delhi.

“Some hospitals are left with just a few hours of oxygen.”

One English tutor in south Delhi took to WhatsApp to call for urgent assistance after she noticed her elderly neighbours had worsening symptoms of Covid-19.

A message seen by the Guardian sent to a neighbourhood group chat read: “Urgent help needed. The Guptas are in pretty bad shape.

“They need oxygen but can’t find any. Please help.”

In the Maharashtra state, at least 22 people died on Wednesday in a hospital after a leak cut off its oxygen provision.

Maharashtra’s health minister, Rajesh Tope, said in a televised address: “Patients who were on ventilators at the hospital in Nashik have died.

“The leakage was spotted at the tank supplying oxygen to these patients.

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