‘I saw blood everywhere’ – Former Liverpool doctor still traumatised after stitching Steven Gerrard’s penis back together


A former Liverpool doctor has recalled stitching Steven Gerrard’s together during an FA Cup clash with Bournemouth.

The ex-Reds captain ripped his private parts in a 2-0 win at the Vitality Stadium in January 2014.

Gerrard made 707 appearances for Liverpool

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Gerrard made 707 appearances for Liverpool

Gerrard had to leave the pitch with club doctor Andrew Massey to receive treatment before returning.

Massey, who was Liverpool’s head of medical services for five years from 2015 and now works for FIFA as their chief medic, was shocked to see Gerrard’s injury.

He told The Scottish Sun: “I looked down and I saw blood everywhere and thought, ‘”Wow, that must be really sore’.

“I was trying to think back to my medical training and nowhere does it teach you how to stitch a penis.

“I thought, ‘I don’t want the first penis I’ve stitched to be Steven Gerrard’s’ – but it was.”

Massey is FIFA’s medical director

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Massey is FIFA’s medical director

In his book, Gerrard, who now bosses Rangers, revealed it took four stitches to stop the bleeding.

He said: “Ouch. I hoped I wasn’t saying goodbye to an old friend.

“I could tell he [Massey] wasn’t feeling too comfortable about it either. He did a good job.

“I felt no pain as he put in the stitches, four as he predicted.”

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