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HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is well-known for providing help to people with their tax affairs throughout the year. However, the authority of the Revenue is being used by criminals to victimise unsuspecting people. A number of Britons have this afternoon reported receiving phone calls purporting to derive from HMRC.

When on the phone, people are told tax fraud has been committed in their name – a frightening prospect.

To rectify the issue, the person on the other end of the phone claims they will need to press one.

In so doing, the call states Britons will be able to speak with the bailiff dealing with their tax fraud case.

A failure to do so, the caller says, will result in a warrant being issued for the individual’s arrest and dire consequences.

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“These are not genuine calls, and should be ignored.”

Several worried Britons immediately went online to share their experiences with the scam phone call, and warn others to be vigilant.

One said: “Just received a scam call from a mobile number purporting to be HMRC, threatening that I’d be arrested if I didn’t press one to be connected to an HMRC employee.

“Hate the thought of vulnerable or elderly folk being manipulated like this.”

“Please be aware people! Cut off, number noted and reported! Blocked!”

And a fourth simply stated: “I had this – it was awful. Made me feel physically sick.”

Many have described the scam phone calls as “convincing” and “sounding legitimate”, so it is particularly important for Britons to be on their guard about the matter.

HMRC is urging people to report these kind of scams via their official service in order to allow security teams to investigate the matter.

In addition, some may wish to reach out to Action Fraud, the national cybercrime reporting service, to raise the matter.

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