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Chega, meaning “Enough!” in Portuguese, sent alarm bells ringing in Lisbon and Brussels when the party’s firebrand leader Andre Ventura managed to obtain 12 percent of the vote in the country’s presidential elections. Now a political analyst and expert on Portuguese populism has told that Chega could continue to make political gains in the country with Mariana Mendes suggesting the movement could even form part of a right-wing government coalition after Portugal’s next general elections in 2023.

Ms Mendes told that while current polling tipped the Portuguese left parties to win a majority the chances of the right taking power could not be ruled out entirely.

She said: “The more realistic scenario is actually a left-wing majority because that is what polls who right now.

“But you know in case of an accentuation of the economic crisis and rising level of dissatisfaction with the current center-left government it possible that there is a right-wing majority in 2023.

“I am sure the discussions will revolve around whether Chega will be part of an agreement or not.”

The prospect of Chega playing kingmaker at a future election in Portugal has been highlighted by the willingness of the opposition Social Democratic Party (CDS) to use Chega lawmakers to topple the Socialist Party from power in the Azores.

Regional elections in the Portuguese territory last October saw Chega capture five percent of the vote to enter the Azores parliament for the first time, just behind the conservative CDS-People’s Party on 5.5 percent.

Ventura ruled out any preconditions for parties into entering into a PSD-led coalition in the Azores.

The Chega party boss said he would give such a conservative coalition his support in order to remove the Socialist party, which has run the regional government for the last 24 years.

The faction led by Italy’s Mr Salvini may be looking to join forces with Hungarian and Polish MEPs in the European Parliament.

Last month, Mr Salvini said: “I am in contact with the Poles and the Hungarians.

“We are working to create a new European group: I am in contact with the Poles and the Hungarians.

“Joining the EPP (European People’s Party) is not on the agenda.”

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