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Finnish MEP Laura Huhtasaari insisted that all member states belonging to the Eurozone was causing further issues across the bloc. While speaking at the European Parliament’s plenary session on Tuesday, she demanded that all member states economies be protected in the event of future financial crises. She insisted the current set up was unfair in a crisis as stronger countries get stronger and weaker countries get weaker.

Ms Huhtasaari said: “Economic crisis crop up time and time again but it is difficult to know what will trigger the crisis and what kind of crisis it will be.

“This time it was coronavirus that triggered the crisis.

“The best thing is to keep your economy in order, then you can build back when it is needed.

“An economic professor has said that this package is a support package to raise the Euro because unfortunately, we have lost our own currency.

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“Currencies need to be flexible when you need a time of depression, that would be a much more sensible way of dealing with and smoothing out inequalities.”

Ms Hushtasaari then highlighted the inequalities between the member states in the European Union.

She said: “When you have a common currency you pool all of your weaknesses together.

“The weaker states get weaker and that is because the capital goes to the stronger countries.

“I have looked at the 2011 support package, I didn’t support it and I don’t support this facility, I am not in favour of transfer union.

“My view is that we need to stand on our own two feet in this union then we would be stronger and more resilient.

“I want to know or ask you why and for what reason is it that on the Commission website it no longer says that the EU can longer fund its budget with loans and credit.

“That sentence was there in February in 2020, does it mean now your budget can be stuffed with loans?”

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