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French President Emmanuel Macron has been warned the Covid situation in the country is quickly spiralling out of control. France24 spoke to multiple hospital chiefs who warned their intensive care units (ICU) are quickly heading towards capacity. Intensive Care Chief Jean-Francois claimed it was time for President Macron to stop dithering and address the problem with a brief but strict lockdown.

The France24 reporter said: “Projections by Paris’ public hospital group raising fears for the worst in the coming weeks.

“Nearly 1,500 Covid-19 patients are in intensive care here.

“In three weeks from now, that figure is likely to hit 3,500 even if the region goes into strict lockdown starting Thursday.

“Waiting another week to lockdown would mean 4,500 critical COVID-19 patients by May.

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“A professor has said that the time for dithering is over, a strict lockdown is needed now.”

Mr Timsit insisted more education was needed to ensure citizens realise the seriousness of the situation and give them assurances.

He said: “If we do a strict lockdown, we need a serious education campaign to say this is not going to last for months, just weeks.

“If we pull together and toughen up, we will get through this.”

ICU chief Daniel Da Silva of the Delafontaine hospital explained how difficult the situation is becoming.

He told France24: “We’ve had to open eight extra critical care beds.

“Of all our 26 intensive care beds, 20 are now for Covid patients.”

President Macron is scheduled to deliver a speech to the nation on Wednesday evening at 7pm (8PM CET) and is expected to outline a series of new measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus.

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