‘Election is over. Your shtick is done!’


Michael Chiesa soundly defeated Neil Magny in the Fight Island 8 main event and then called out Colby Covington.

Chiesa is now on a four fight win streak in the welterweight division and looks primed for a top five fight.

Michael Chiesa was so smart about his work

Michael Chiesa was so smart about his work

The first round was very even as, with many main event scraps, both men were feeling each other out. However, Chiesa’s time in control will have won him the round.

Chiesa seemed willing to engage and keep pumping his jab to look for an entry, but Magny skilfully evaded and offered some strikes from the outside in return.

Chiesa smothered Magny in the second round and didn’t allow him to get any kind of offense or rhythm. It was a clean win for

Chiesa who simply controlled on the ground to secure a round.

The third started with Magny circling Chiesa, determined to start getting on the front-foot. After he ran down Chiesa, the pair ended up grappling against the cage jostling for position. Eventually, Magny overpowered Chiesa and gained control and secured the ever dangerous back position.

Chiesa’s control of Magny on the ground was the story of the fight

Chiesa’s control of Magny on the ground was the story of the fight

Chiesa was able to force his way up and out of harms way and the pair separated. The grappling that would ensue on the ground again appeared as though Magny had the upper hand, but Chiesa proved to be a slippery customer during every exchanged and might of even had a front facelock applied at one point.

Round four saw Chiesa land a huge right hand and he quickly followed it up with a takedown to kick things off. Cheisa dominated on the ground and he had over eight minutes worth of control at the mid-way point of the fourth round.

He very nearly got the rear-naked choke going as part of that control in the fourth, but Magny did extremely well to evade and roll through.

Once back on their feet, Magny landed a great running knee, but Chiesa would put the bigger man against the cage once more. Magny nearly locked in a triangle choke with his legs, but after a minute where it looked dangerous for Chiesa, he fought his way out and back to control.

Michael Chiesa was the clear and deserved winner

Michael Chiesa was the clear and deserved winner

Chiesa landed the first meaningful shot of the fifth round with a straight left-hand. When Magny tried to fire back, it resulted in another clinch and Chiesa taking Magny down. No matter how hard he tried, the Haitian Sensation could not get away from Chiesa. What promised to be an exciting fight kind of limped to it’s conclusion with Chiesa just dominated Magny on the ground.

Wasn’t the sexiest to watch but Chiesa did what he had to do to win and you’ve got to respect that. All three judges scored the contest 49-46 to Chiesa.

To close out, Chiesa says he wants Colby Covington! He said: “Election is over. Colby Covington your shtick is done. I want you next boy!”


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