Donald Trump news: Ex-POTUS and Farage discussed return to politics in 2024 election | World | News

The former MEP and the ex-US President met at Mr Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida for a quick catch up. During the half-an-hour long conversation, Mr Trump addressed the long-standing speculation he intends to run in the 2024 presidential election.

Mr Farage told The Telegraph the former President “has got a massive decision to make” and is “thinking very, very hard.”

According to the news outlet, Mr Farage told Mr Trump: “You’re the only guy that can do it. No one has your charisma.”

Regarding Mr Trump’s response to his praise, Mr Farage added: “He listened. He’s in a listening frame of mind.”

The Brexiteer is set to travel across nearly a dozen US states over the next six weeks.

The trip is part of a tour that was set up by FreedomWorks, a Conservative grassroots organisation which advocates for smaller government, lower taxes and free markets.

The ex-UKIP and Brexit party leader addressed his ‘America’s Comeback Tour’ in a statement on Twitter.

He said: “When Brexit looked lost in Britain, we showed that the grassroots can fight back to win victory.

“That is my message to Conservative activists in America on this trip.”

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