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The country’s health authority, Anvisa confirmed one person died following the trials of the drug. An investigation will be led into the matter. Despite the death of the person, the health authority confirmed trials will continue. 

The drug is currently undergoing phase three clinical trials in the country. 

Brazil has plans in place to purchase the drug and produce it at its biomedical research centre if it clears the final phase of trials.

Despite the death of the volunteer, Oxford University has stated there are no concerns surrounding the safety of the trials. 

The vaccine is seen as one of the leading drugs, with the UK Government signing a deal for 100 million doses.

Trials of the drug were also put on hold in the US since September 6 after a volunteer fell ill. 

Both India and South Africa have resumed clinical trials of the potential vaccine. 

AstraZeneca has also signed an agreement with Europe’s Inclusive Vaccine Alliance. 

Under this, 400 million doses could be ready to supply European countries who participate in the alliance. 

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Speaking to the  Commons and Lords National Security Strategy Committee, he stated the virus will not be completely eradicated. 

He said: “It is unlikely we will end up with a truly sterilising vaccine.”

Previously, officials had claimed the drug produced by AstraZeneca could be available by the turn of the year. 

Head of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce, Kate Bingham, claimed she was optimistic over the chances of a vaccine being developed by the UK’s candidates.

She said: “I am optimistic that we will see something – four of our six vaccines are now in phase three studies, and in each of them we’ve seen very positive data in the phase one and two clinical studies, which shows that people who have received the vaccine do elicit a strong immune response, and that, and if you take the neutralising antibodies that are triggered those antibodies are able to kill live Covid virus.

“So that is very positive and it’s as good as it can be at the moment.

“And we now need to see whether or not those immune responses that we see translate into protection.”

This comes as 26,688 people tested positive for the virus in the UK across all settings – the total now stands at 789,229.

There were also 191 deaths reported today. 

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