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The German Chancellor risks sparking a major revolt against her coronavirus strategy, according to France 24 reporter Nick Spicer. Angela Merkel has been forced to ditch plans to ease Germany’s coronavirus lockdown on Valentines Day following the spread of new virus strains. Mr Spicer reports that the German leader will face opposition from regional leaders across the country and said she will likely face “pushback” against proposals to further the county’s lockdown measures.

Mr Spicer said: “I think there is likely to be pushback.

Merkel has really been as a scientist very concerned about the emergence of what the Germans are calling the turbo virus.

“Which are the variants of the coronavirus coming from the United Kingdom, or first identified in the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

“Even though there has been some success with the lockdowns, the lockdown we are in now was to have ended on Valentines Day, February 14.

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He continued: “But it is an open secret that Angela Merkel and the premiers of the sixteen regions are planning to extend it a little bit.

“The thinking was it would be until March 1, what we are hearing now is mid-March might be the actual target date.

“What Angela Merkel told party faithful of the Christian Democratic Union yesterday was that she was afraid that there would be a bounce back.

“Her spokesman said we were getting on the right side of the second wave but weren’t out of the woods yet here in Germany.”

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It comes as Ms Merkel suffered a brutal attack from her own top scientific adviser after she was warned Germany’s coronavirus strategy will cost the country thousands of more cases.

Virologist Melanie Brinkmann, from the Helmholtz Center for the Study of Infectious Diseases, told German daily Der Spiegel that both her country and those of the rest of the world should bet on a “no Covid” strategy with which to reach a seven-day incidence of 10 cases per 100,000 population.

That goal, she lamented, was impossible to achieve with the current measures.

Ms Brinkmann, who is part of the scientific advisory team to Chancellor Merkel, has directly criticised the plans of her country’s government for taking 50 cases as a goal.

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